“If you build it, they will come”

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Vlog, with a V: Part 2

Now that your Vlog is established, lets take a look at how to take it to the next level.

This is the final part of our 3 part series on Vlogging.

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Hopefully by now you have created your Vlog and have began chasing the ghost of Casey. We have taken a look in previous posts about the potential of Vlogging and Tips from the Pros for creating a successful Vlog. Similar to the 2nd post in this series I have taken a look through Youtube and have compiled all of the pro tips for building your Vlog, brand and community successfully. We have return appearances from Casey Neistat, Sunny Lenarduzzi and the Video Influencers. We will begin with “the Dos” and finish on some reflective questions to keep you on the right track, a Vlog compass so to speak.

The Dos

Casey Neistat- How To Get More Subscribers:

Casey keeps it simple in his video, from 5:13 he talks about how to get more subscribers and honestly, his answer is not exactly what you’d expect. He says there really isn’t any secret trick to gaining followers. Rather he says that the most important thing, is to make great content and you will find your audience, and once you have, NEVER LET GO.

Sunny Lenarduzzi- How to Grow Your Youtube Channel FAST:

  • Set your intention, focus on: the quality of your community, video comments, views and making sure content is getting traction rather than the number of subscribers you have.
  • Build your community from scratch, find like minded Youtubers and tailor your content to them – engage in multiple platforms with them (IG, FB, Snapchat etc.).
  • Focus on your niche- That’s what makes you special so work it.
  • Quality content- Tutorials, product reviews or entertainment based (Vlogs etc.). According to Sunny these are the most popular styles of videos on Youtube so see if you can create some in those areas.
  • Consistent thumbnails – This makes your videos recognizable among others.
  • Set up playlists- The more they binge on your channel the better.
  • Don’t seek perfection.
  • Don’t worry about trolls- “If haters ain’t hating, you ain’t doing nothing”.

The Video Influencers- How to Get Noticed on Youtube:

  • Clear branding- Separate your channel from the rest, give yourself a clear identity.
  • Rank your video styles in the search bar- Seek to find the popular video styles which are most searched and pair those with your style and niche.
  • Create shareable videos- Viral videos are one of the quickest ways to increase your influence.
  • Be unique and different/yourself- “Different is better than better”. Be the purple cow.
  • Collaborations- Two minds are better than one.
  • Social Media- Extend your reach, synthesize your platforms.
  • Find and connect with your target audience- Echoed by Casey and Sunny above.

The Compass

The Video Influencers-  How to Grow A Vlog Channel:

  • How are your Vlogs unique and different?
  • What are your passions and strengths?
  • What recurring themes and segments can you add?
  • How can you make the video & production quality better?
  • What trends can you take advantage of?
  • What can you cut out?
  • Who can you collaborate with?

Have you found any effective ways to gain exposure and popularity for your Vlogs? Have you found any other pro tips which will help our cause? Please share them in the comments!

And always remember,

Stay Classy.