Vlog, with a V:

A video blog (Vlog) is a record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you film and publish on the internet.

Casey Neistat, one of the world’s most successful Vloggers.    Source: Wikipedia Commons

The above definition of a vlog is from the Cambridge dictionary, that’s how you know you made it as a word. Someone who vlogs is a Vlogger and that someone has an opportunity to build a great social media following and create a successful brand for themselves. The question is:

Jaden Smith mindblown  Source: Perez Hilton

Unlike Jaden Smith, “the rest of us” (see my previous post “Watch me”) don’t have a famous Father in Hollywood to give us a silver spoon for the silver screen, so we have to be a little more determined and a little more creative. Therefore I have searched through some of the most successful Vloggers’ (Casey Neistat, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Alex Costa and Video Influencers) video tutorials and have compiled all of their advice into one big “How to” post. This post will feature the Dos and Don’ts of Vlogging and part two will focus on building your brand, followers and community.

The Dos

Casey Neistat (video link here):

  • Always be prepared with some sort of device – Casey has an advanced setup of a High quality Camera and Mic for planned segments but always has another quick access camera for spontaneous filming.
  • Have an underlying theme or narrative to each video – Avoid repetitiveness, be sure to have a new story for your viewers.
  • Have a format – Casey’s style: Time lapse at beginning, abrupt ending – Build a video style for yourself.

The Video Influencers (video link here):

  • Just do it- Be fearless.
  • People aren’t thinking about you- Get over yourself.
  • Be bold.
  • Keep it short- Don’t love yourself too much.
  • Your audience and community takes priority- Remember who the videos are for.

Sunny Lenarduzzi (video link here):

  • Have a plan- Make sure you have a vision of what you want to be perceived as and who you want to be to your audience.
  • Look at the camera like it’s a human- Talk to your audience not your camera.
  • Stop worrying about your camera- Don’t worry too much about the technical side of things, you can make a great Vlog with your smart phone. (If you are technically inclined, Casey and the Video Influencers both have videos about the best cameras, view them here and here).
  • Consistency- Be consistent with your plan and style.
  • Just Do it- Because Nike said so.

Alex Costa (video link here):

  • Make sure you only shoot the most important things from each day.
  • Remember what you said last shot to maintain continuity – Both pretty self-explanatory.

The Don’ts

Alex Costa (see previous video):

  • Don’t go to loud places- be mindful of your audio quality.
  • Don’t stay out too late- If you vlog daily make sure you leave time for editing, oh, and sleep.

Sunny Lenarduzzi (see previous video):

  • Don’t introduce yourself at the beginning of each video- Treat the audience as if they know you because they are loyal followers, sometimes mention who you are at the end, most viewers are there initially for the video topic but if you’re good will stay for you.

I hope those tips can help get you started on your own Vlogs. Speaking of, what are you vlogging about? Do you have any tips to share? Which Vloggers inspire you?

Up next: How to build your brand and followers/community.

Stay Classy.